Bad Vibes

by Frozen Zoo



"As the opening track, “I Saw The Wolf (Tigers Jaw)” comes to a close, you should already know by now what kind of journey you are about to embark on: a lonely, dark, and gloomy one. Frozen Zoo are (or is?) a shoegaze-tinged, lo-fi indie band hailing from North Carolina, and have quietly crafted two albums without so much as a word. Don't let the cover of their second album, Bad Vibes, and its bedroom-style recording, fool you: this album is absolutely fantastic. These lyrics on the second, and my favorite, track “Dinosaurs”, describe exactly the mood of the entire album:

“Leave me alone, please go away
It gets better, that's what they say
Empty man, empty soul
I needed you to fill the hole”

Musically speaking, this is a lo-fi/shoegaze gold-mine. While the recording is a tad rudimentary, even by lo-fi standards, the arrangements are absolutely stunning. The guitar work is jangley, and expansive. The vocals, on the other hand, are extremely diverse: at times bleak and brooding, and others emotional and heartfelt. My only complaint with the whole thing is the duration: it's a tad short for being a full-length album, but who am I to define how long a full-length release should be. Close your blinds, have a cup of tea during a rainy day, and check this album out. 7.8"



released May 22, 2014




Frozen Zoo North Carolina

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Track Name: I Saw The Wolf (Tigers Jaw)
I left most of my things on the floor
A wild heart I can't remember
A different place I don't want to go
When I'm alone I howl loudly

Can't promise that I let the right one in

Am I invisible now?
I became the dust as it settled
I saw the wolf in the storm
A native son, a warm home

Am I alone?

Track Name: Bad Vibes
I'm sorry I lied to you
I'm sorry I made you feel loved
I don't want to die
I'm just tired of being alive

Just make it go away
That's easy for you to say
Today I'm not me
I'm who I wanna be

I don't sleep, I just lay in bed
With my eyes shut, feeling dead
The pills that make you unhappy
Are the same ones that keep you alive
Track Name: Surgery
I'm feeling tired of feeling feelings
I don't want to feel at all
I need some kind of surgery
To help me fix what's wrong

In 1995 you were feeling alive
Your head was strong, your body was numb
But everything is temporary
Oh I know

Every night you went out drinking
And it got you start to thinking
Hey! ...god damn
This isn't what I planned at all

Went to sleep feeling angry
Woke up feeling sad
The short time I spent with you is
The best time I've ever had