How To Feel Nothing At All

by Frozen Zoo



released October 2, 2014




Frozen Zoo North Carolina

I suck at drums so what

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Track Name: Teeth/Hungover
I don't belong here
Guess I'll just stand near
This table
Blue streak in white dress
Make my hair a mess

Here It comes again
That crippling sadness
That never seems to end
Why do I feel like this?

Suddenly I just don't feel like fighting it anymore

Doughnut eyes
To my surprise
Walking into my life

What would it take to get it out of your head?
Pink lipstick and cozy beds

Who's cruising now?
Track Name: You Were Right
Too smart
To be happy
Too dumb to know
How to deal with it
Call me when you can

My name is Blake and I'm nineteen years old
And I don't go to school and I don't have a job
And I'm too scared to kill myself

Too late
To be happy
Too sad to care
I hope that you're happy
You were never there

You were right, you were right all the time
You were right when you said
There's something wrong with me
Track Name: Uncle Kay
As fluid filled his lungs
And he could no longer swallow his morphine
He held my hand and said to me

"All these girls are trouble"

He told me he loved me
And I told him the same thing
As fast as the cancer came
He was dead
The man who watched me grow up
Died in that bed

I love you uncle Kay
I think about you almost every day
Track Name: How To Feel Nothing At All Part 1 & 2
I hope you get wherever you're going
And you never have to look back at me
The streetlights never come on at night
I think there's something wrong with them
You told me things you shouldn't have said
You think there's something wrong with me

I didn't know what to feel
So I felt nothing

I felt nothing

This house is not a home
I've never felt more alone
I used to feel something
Now it's gone
Track Name: Lift My Skin
When we died you went to heaven
And I just stayed in my body

You got to be happy
I rotted in the ground
I saw you smile
And it made me angry

You came as a gun
No you came as a magazine
Full of bullets to leave holes in me
I tried to run
But your gravity made the floor stick to my feet

I wanted to be your friend
I lift my skin for you
Track Name: Dinosaurus
Monolithic, Pessimistic
Always with me, Never happy
When you drag your tail it hurts the ones I love
When you stomp your feet it destroys me

Leave me alone, please go away
It gets better, that's what they say
Empty man, empty soul
I needed you to fill the hole

Leave me alone
with my dinosaurus
Track Name: ...And The Earth Opened Up Its Mouth
I'll be here when you get back
I'll wait by myself
Because somethings you have to
Figure out on your own

From the moment you're born
You're already dead
Said a voice
Louder than the rest
I kept my head down
And kept walking home

Only in my last days
As I was rotting in bed
I finally realized what he meant

Dear god
It's eating me